Keep It HUNDY! Always & Forever

There’s deep meaning to this mantra. We’ll always be a 100% fruit product. We’ll always be 100% USDA Certified Organic. And we’ll never use any additives or preservatives in our pops. But that’s the end of the list of things we take seriously.


HUNDY! was founded in Austin, Texas, by a gaggle of frozen treat aficionados. We believe in better-for-you food almost as much as we believe in having fun. We created HUNDY! because everyone deserves a mess-free snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free anywhere, at any time. (We also believe in sharing but we won’t judge you if you decide to keep all of the pops for yourself.)


Whether you’ve already tried HUNDY! or just stumbled onto our humble corner of the interwebs and managed to read this far, we’re beyond thrilled to have you on this journey with us!