Frequently Asked Questions

HUNDY! pops are ready to eat whenever you’re ready to eat them. But they’re best when they’ve thawed just enough that you can press on the USDA Organic seal and make an impression with your thumb.

HUNDY! pops can be enjoyed safely and remain super-tasty for two full years when kept properly frozen. We print a “best by” date on each tube the day it gets frozen.

There’s nothing that isn’t fruit in a HUNDY! pop. We call it HUNDY! because it’s 100% fruit.

We honestly have no idea. They may have underestimated the perfection that nature has already bestowed upon fruit, or they may have decided to play a cruel joke on you, the consumer.

Filling tubes with nothing but delicious cuts of real fruit might seem easy enough, but there’s a lot more to it. We’d love to say that it involves an ice palace full of benevolent, health-conscious wizards… or narwhals with specialized tusks and stain-resistant polar bears, working together in perfect, food-safe harmony, cheered on by our very own seal team, supervised by the suits (penguins) upstairs. But we’ve been advised to simply say that it’s patent-pending.

Yes, all HUNDY! pops are certified kosher.

Yes, you can! There are no animal byproducts of any kind in HUNDY! fruit pops. You should also feel free to brag to your friends that no animals were harmed in the creation of your new favorite frozen treat.

Yes, you can! We use only the best gluten-free fruits — which is pretty easy, because all fruits are naturally gluten-free. We don’t add anything to the fruit, unless you count coldness.

Absolutely not. HUNDY! pops are literally just real fruit. If you’re allergic to fruit, then you are allergic to 100% of everything inside of a HUNDY! pop tube. If you’re allergic to fruit and may have accidentally ingested a HUNDY! pop, please consult a physician immediately.

Rule #1 at HUNDY! is that there are no flavors, just fruits. We are always working on our next great pop and we’d love to hear from you! That said, we’ve learned that some fruits just don’t work as frozen pops. Tell us about your dream HUNDY! pop on our contact page, and we just might make your dream come true!

Botanically speaking, tomatoes are a fruit, because they contain seeds and grow from the flowers of the tomato plant. But in the culinary world and in the eyes of most consumers (and even the US Supreme Court!), tomatoes are seen as vegetables, because of how they’re most commonly used. No matter how you slice it, we’ve made a firm decision against developing tomato pops.

No. Sea cucumbers are marine invertebrates. While there are some cultures that do eat sea cucumbers, that’s not our jam.

We want everyone everywhere to be able to enjoy our fruit pops and are working hard to make that a reality very soon. If you have a favorite retailer that you’d like to carry HUNDY!, please encourage them to reach out to us. We’re berry appreciative of your help!

As long as you have a freezer and physical address inside the United States, the answer is probably “yes!” Visit our contact page to reach us for more information.

We love working with schools, and schools love working with us, too. That’s at least partially because each HUNDY! pop is one full serving of fruit (and nothing else). Visit our contact page to reach out for more information.

There are so many people doing and supporting important work around the world, and we appreciate all our conscientious customers and partners. We’re particularly sensitive to the issues of food waste and food insecurity and continually seek ways to make a greater impact. This includes supporting school nutrition programs with our product and providing a supremely healthy, easy, and fun way for kids to get a full serving of fruit each day.

Two words: private stash. Unless you’re talking about your kids not sharing with each other… Then it may be time to bust out the “sharing is caring” talk and/or threaten to withhold screen time.

Try turning the tables on that “sharing is caring” talk. Alternatively, it may be time to seek gainful employment.

While there has been no documented instance of a HUNDY! “overdose,” we have been made aware that some people have dietary sensitivities and that it is possible to overeat literally anything. As a result, we have discontinued our ‘Hundred HUNDY! Challenge’ campaign and discourage participation in competitive HUNDY! pop consumption. 

There are strong arguments for using redwood or cypress, but we prefer cedar for canoe ribs and planking. Its strength-to-weight ratio, superior workability, widespread availability, and lower cost make it the clear choice. If you can afford the luxury, we recommend northern white cedar, specifically. Carefully select lumber free of knots and defects, for best results.

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